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Algorithms should solve problems. Without care and foresight, they easily create more than they solve, hurting real people and your reputation in the process.


When Apple and Goldman Sachs first released the Apple Card, their AI gave women 10-20x lower credit limits than their husbands — even when they had higher salaries and better credit scores than their husbands.

Biased data isnʼt just bad ethics — it is bad for PR and ultimately bad for business.

I help companies reduce bias in their algorithms with audits, keynotes, workshops, consulting, and AI development services. Iʼve worked with companies like Cisco and DNB Bank. I can help you with any of these services:


Whatʼs the status of AI ethics in your company and code? Iʼll screen for red flags, run technical tests, give you a summary assessment of how youʼre doing on AI ethics, and point out immediate improvements you can make.


What impact does your AI product have on peopleʼs lives? Iʼll help you brainstorm the challenges youʼll have to face and how to meet them. For more direct support, I can join your project team to help you design and develop responsible AI products that serve your customers. With my help, youʼll be ready to talk about your work with the public and your investors. Letʼs make sure that you know what impact youʼre having and that itʼs a good one.


Gabrielle Dompierre

Strategy at Cisco

I attended a presentation Cathrine did for Cisco Norway on Ethics & AI: what gender bias in AI is, and how we can avoid it. Cathrine’s presentation was highly engaging – she is a fantastic speaker and was able to find the right level of detail for this audience. You can feel her passion radiating during her talk, leaving you feeling so motivated afterwards. I highly recommend engaging Cathrine for any presentations, panels, or debates on this topic!

Bill Harris

Executive Coach and Executive in Residence, StartupLab - Norway

Cathrine has proven herself to be a dedicated influencer focusing on issues facing tech including inclusion, diversity and needed safeguards. Her willingness to challenge us all on these and other issues will help companies, employees and consumers feel good about the tech industry and ultimately about ourselves.

Aiko Yamashita

Leader of DNB’s ESG Data Task Force

Cathrine has a wide range of competencies from technology to ethical and design theories/methodologies, which (…) leads to results that often are difficult to find due to the lack of interdisciplinary consultants/experts. Cathrine is an extremely driven and focused person. I could rely on the fact that she would drive the project forward.

Marthe Carlsen-Kirkemo

Partner Marketing Manager at Cisco

Cathrine did a great presentation for Cisco Norway related to Ethics & AI: what gender bias in AI is, and how we can avoid it. She was easy to work with (…), made the presentation relevant for both the technical and the sales audience, showcased strong communication skills and kicked off a good debate after. I can highly recommend Cathrine.

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Photo Credit: Alex Moltzau


Iʼve read 150+ research articles to understand pitfalls in AI ethics and how to avoid them so you donʼt have to.

I’ve recieved several awards for my work on diversity and fairness in AI:

The NORA AWARD FOR DIVERSITY IN AI 2022 recognizes those in the forefront of shedding light on gender issues in the field of AI as well as other types of discrimination.

The NORDIC TOP 100 IN DATA ANALYTICS AND AI 2022 BY HYPERRIGHT AB shows I am among the leading experts on AI in the Nordics.

I also won the NORA MEET AWARD FOR BEST SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2021 for the presentation of my Master’s thesis.


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